Be a Butterfly Collection

Be part of a new butterfly effect...

Our butterfly collection was created to be a confidence boost and to be unique - just as you are.

We are all unique and can offer so much, we just need to believe and we can achieve anything.  
The inspiration behind this collection are two little girls who are in constant wonder of the beauty and magic of butterflies.
Butterflies are mysterious, yet represent hope and life.

This collection was also created to become a new butterfly effect - to create a small, positive change that will have a greater impact on an important and in the future.

A portion of proceeds from the 'Be a Butterfly' collection will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Be a butterfly.  Always show your potential, soar high and continue to experience the wonder and beauty of your life.
Inspire others to create a new and positive effect.

The 'Be a Butterfly' collection is designed and made in Canada.